4 things that I'm happy about

  • Today I called the travel agency saying that I want to pay for the reserved tickets. They said "but you have cancelled it" (which we didn't). After 4 hours of hesitations, discussions and negotiations I have them in my pocket, purchased and ready. Not planning to let go of them anymore, no sir!
  • We've been to Ireland for 3 days and Torino for a week recently. More about that on the next post. The highlight was looking at 1 opera for 3 times, in total 10 hours. Singing in Deutsch, speaking in Italiano. Fabulous.
  • I have last 2 days at my job, and I believe things went perfect with all the responsibility transfer etc.
  • That's the 1st time in my life I'm happy because of spammers. They starting the usual blog comment spam on cringel.com, which means the site has evolved from zero publicity to 0.0001% :)


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Good luck

Good luck and Merry Christmas !

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Semi late, but on topic

Thank you, and even though we are little bit late (by Christian standard), all the best during Christmas and New Year. I believe buddhist New Year is little bit later on this month.

While we are on topic, happy Easter as well!