Is it difficult to update your blog while sitting on the seashore?

It is impossible, I can tell you.

Astonished and ashamed I am looking at the date of our last update, which was January 28th, or 9 days ago.

If that was my job, and I should explain my boss what happened and what are the reasons for not updating the site, I would probably not have any explanations.  READ MORE »

Cheapest PADI certificates, probably in the whole world

Hi boys and girls,

we are at the present moment chatting with Carsten, our dive instructor, in Ko Tao (Koh Tao) island, Southern Thailand.

It is known as divers' island, as there are around 40 dive shops, with prices for diving in general (also PADI or SSI certificates) being one of the cheapest on the planet Earth. More about that later on.  READ MORE »

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi - Ban-Phe - Ko Samet. First days of the trip

Meet me at my new office (yes, that's where I write this post)

Marius works in a new office now

Marius works in a new office now

So. We landed in a brand new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, which is still under construction in some parts. Everybody passed the immigration without problems except Andrius, who wrote a wrong flight number in a form that we filled-in during a trip. But it took just a few minutes of explanations, and we were outside, waiting for our luggage.  READ MORE »

Helsinki - Bangkok. Full plane, 2 hours of sleep

Hello, Vanta airport.

Half an hour to go. A lot of Finns and Swedes waiting to get on the Bangkok plane. Some people already wearing flip-flops.

Bye-bye, Vanta airport.  READ MORE »

Vilnius - Helsinki. Hopes of free overnight in a hotel: ruined

Nothing significant has happened during the last days of preparation for our trip.
Some last minute packing and a mad rush to make it in time for the flight, even though we had a whole half a year to prepare.
But that's not news, and probably it happens to just about everybody, maybe except the most experienced travelers, who just grab a few things and go.
We also had an idea to travel light. But I don't think we succeeded, since the big backpacks were filled already before travel. Bye-bye souvenirs on the road..
If you really need to know, the backpack sizes are: Andrius - 70 liters, Elze - 60 liters, Jurga - 55 liters, Marius - 60 liters.

Too heavy!

Too heavy!  READ MORE »

"Have you already had vodka this morning?"

That's what we ask each other right before breakfast.
Thai food is perfect, but we are used to quite a different cuisine,
so we do as our first aid instructor advised - drink a small shot of vodka in the morning and before we go to sleep, just to make sure there's no infection in the digestion system. Maybe it sounds a little bit too paranoid, but it's better to be on the safe side than to ruin a whole trip during the first month.

We have 5 plastic 0.5 liter bottles of Finlandia, so that should last for a month or so.  READ MORE »

14 hours until take off...

Our countdown says "0 days, 14 hours until Take-off to Bangkok."

It is hard to believe it. We cautiously started thinking about a possibility to travel somewhere for a longer period, and that was a year ago.  READ MORE »

Do travellers need logotypes?

On the eleventh day four travellers said: "let there be logo".
And so they sat down and put down 11 sketches. The eleventh sketch was kinda crappy so it got removed. Now they have 10 wannabe logotypes, each of them very ambitious, different from the rest and willing to be the one.  READ MORE »

4 things that I'm happy about

  • Today I called the travel agency saying that I want to pay for the reserved tickets. They said "but you have cancelled it" (which we didn't). After 4 hours of hesitations, discussions and negotiations I have them in my pocket, purchased and ready. Not planning to let go of them anymore, no sir!  READ MORE »

Simple things bring joy as well

Been talking to Andrius a few days ago. About what do we still have to prepare for our trip.  READ MORE »

The one thing that everybody does during their travels is...

Nope, you guessed it incorrectly :)

Photography is the right answer.

Apart from being materialistic and talking about things, boots, clothing and tools, we also tried to look at this trip from further perspective - what will we think of it in 10, 20, 30 years, what will we remember and what stories will we be able to tell.

One very right saying goes "see it once instead of listen about it for ages". Fully agreeing with it, we realized that we will for sure want to take a lot of pictures as a prime tool of showing the places we've been to, illustrating the stories and remembering the people we met.

Unfortunately, our photography skills were, at best... awful :)

Hence we decided to invest some of our precious pre-trip time and money to photography courses.  READ MORE »

A list of essential things to have during travel

.."should be divided by a factor of two!", suggests a fantastic resource, found by  READ MORE »

Going to travel and leaving hiking boots at home

You know boots, right?

The hiking boots. La Sportiva, or Zamberlan, or similar.

Hiking boots are rough and tough  READ MORE »

The route of our trip, on the interactive map

After the long and tiring duel with Google maps and the content management system that this site runs, I gave up.

No interactive maps so far.

Will scan a paper map and draw our route by hand soon.  READ MORE »

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