A day in Asia

During today's trekking in Vietnam's forest on Cat Ba island, I have thought that it is too rarely that cringel.com is updated. It is a blog after all, and should be updated as frequent as possible.

Maybe we put too much focus on texts, and they are quite time consuming, therefore impossible to write on the end of a day's trip.

But what we do daily is we take pictures, and one picture is worth a thousand words, according to a proverb.

In of of previous posts I said that we'll post only when we feel that there is something to say, and we'll do that, but more with help of photography.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to "A day in Asia".

It will be a photo each day. A photo, representing the day that we spent on our trip.

Sometimes it will be a good photo, sometimes not, but the main idea behind it will be to show the highlight of the day, or present something (typical) that we did that day. If there is something really worth it, there will be a video.

I do not know how is it with internet in Cambodia or any of the upcoming countries, also, we may be travelling the whole day or climbing a mountain for three days. So I can not promise daily updates.

What I can promise though, is that on "the third day" I will post images of all three days. At least will try.


Update: Since we wandered a little further apart from Asia, also check out: A day in Australia and A day in New Zealand


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Very good idea

Very good idea ! We will waiting. Few sentences with comments will be great too.

Good luck.


Marius's picture

Thanks for supporting the idea

Few sentences with comments will for sure be present.

Will try to post a video soon as well.