The outdoor factory

Shoe makers on Hoi An street, Vietnam

Shoe makers on Hoi An street, Vietnam


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Marius's picture

Flop flips

Yeah, you gotta picture one hot half-naked man for each of the flip-flops you're wearing. Because one of the men produces just the left-foot flips, and another one makes right foot flops.

Chocolates are definitely local. Everybody here is crazy about sweets.

We are in Nepal around month June, as it seems now. Are you really coming?

Flip Flops

I think I have a least a few of these exact flip-flops. The orange one and the black one, for sure.   I guess after seeing this I will be picturing these hot half-naked men everytime I wear them.

And where the F are all those chocolates from? They look like Aguona.

Btw,me and Tassos are planning a trip to Nepal this summer. When are you there?