Anthill hotel

Crazy house, Da Lat, Vietnam

Crazy house, Da Lat, Vietnam

Hang Nga Villa is also called Crazy House. Some devoted avangarde enthusiasts admire it as a real work of art, although to us it seemed little bit kitschy. Every country has one of those "out of the box" architects - in Sintra, Portugal - Baron von Eschwege, in Barcelona, Spain - Gaudi, and obviously here, in Dalat - Madam Nga.

To make it absolutely clear, it is a house with rooms, ment to use as a hotel. Well, it is a hotel. If all the houses in town would look like this, we'd be living in an anthill now.


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I see you made it to No 1 on Google's Vietnam alerts. It's not exactly the Dalat that I remember. The market was fly-ridden. Is it still ? There was the Couvent des Oiseaux where many of my wife's family were educated.Too Catholic to be good communists. We used to stay with some family in the last occupied house on a road leading to a Benedictine monastery. Very spooky at night.
Good luck

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Vietnam alerts?



what do you mean by alerts? Some news service?


Dalat is quite kitschy as I see myself and hear from travellers which I talk to.

The market is quite ok, on a level of a normal Asian market.

Danish government has sponsored 80% of the tap water filtering system, so in general it probably is much cleaner than you remember. But also not so authentic.



Zis iz jor frend Andrius from Antakalnis. Ai no good is Inglish only, so ai lern a litl bit. It teik try manfs....

Well... Alright. I've just been lazy. It's hard to believe - you travel the world, many miles everyday, and I can't write a comment in many weeks while still sitting comfortably behind my desk! The routine must be getting the best of me.

Anyway, belated congratulations for having made it, and good luck! Btw, while you're in Vietnam and around, are you going to explore Ho Shi Min trail, or visit other sites related to recent military history? It would be great to see any related stories, or pictures.

Best wishes from Saule and Algirdas!

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Too much Borat


heh, looking at the first few sentences I thought you just watched Borat a few times more than the standard 5 times.

Well, firstly I'm glad you concentrated and managed to drop a note. I would even say that travelling the world is easier than getting away from the daily routine, at least for me.

What concerns military history, Vietnam just breathes it. I don't think we'll be able to fully follow Ho Chi Minh's trail, because we have just a week left here with at least 3 more places to visit. If there's a short version of the trail, we'll do it and write a biiig report with many pictures.

Also, what we already did, is a visit to see Mr. Ho Chi Minh himself in Hanoi. He had a really nice reception at his Mausoleum, just a little short.

Do read this comment from vnroznier, it has a link to very personal experiences and pictures in Vietnam during 70'ies.

Thanks for reading and regards to your nice family!