The hardship expectation

Just came back from a five day expedition to Vietnamese mountains. The conditions were very harsh, raining nearly constantly, thus making the dirt roads not passable. We had to unmount ourselves and all the photographic equipment from the rented jeeps and carry everything for 30 kilometers (with a very cold overnight sleep in tents) through the jungle.

Lizard that lives next door

Lizard that lives next door, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Arrived to the place barely alive and still ve had no time to rest because of the planned wildlife photo hunting. But everything paid off, as we had fantastic opportunities to have close-ups of the wildlife as the one above.

It all sounds realistic when you look at the photograph, right?

Well, to tell you the truth, we saw this lizard from our hotel balcony in Mui Ne, Vietnam, climbed down the stairs, pulled out the tele lens and made a shot. Easy, ain't?


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Marius's picture

That was unexpected

The first unexpected thing was to hear from you, and the second nice surprise is your colleague's awareness about us. Last not least, your dedication to read everything from start to end. I have to come up with some sort of heroic badge!

Best wishes from Saigon,



Hi Marius,

Guess last time i saw you few years ago ... And today one of my coworkers says, "Hey, there's nice site about 4 Lithuanians traveling in Asia..." I jump in, start reading from post one and find out I know the man ... Actually i just read everything from start, took couple of ours, but was worth it. I'm pretty overwhelmed atm. Nice decision, quit and live. Looks very appealing and wonderful.

As life parted our ways several years ago, but still nice to hear from you and about you and Saulelis and else.

I'll definitely be your site visitor from now on.

Best wishes from neviera.