Tap the inventor on the head

I hoped this nightmare only exists in UK and around it. But no!

Water taps in Vietnam

Water taps in Vietnam

It is in Vietnam also, at least a few hotels. Why on earth do people come up with "inventions" like this?



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The secret revealed

Apparently, there is a reason for that, as I found out after almost three years of living with two taps.


You see, in order to have a proper mixer tap you need a certain pressure in the water supply system. Most houses in UK/Ireland have a water tank up in the attic and from there it goes to the taps. That is pressure only produced by gravity, which is not enough for a mixer.



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Ok, I see, thanks for explanation.

Does not seem to me that changing the reason is seen as an option. Too lazy?


By the way, how do you deal with my "Problem #2" described in the above comment (tooth brushing and washing hands?

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Living with two taps. Part I

Ah, that's where the art of it is!

There is many solutions, not all available to you tho. 

At home I simply adjust the heating system so that the water isn't too hot in the morning and after work. I guess you can't do that in yer filthy hotel that u're in haha!


Other methods mastered by me include:

- filling half a handful with cold water, then moving under the hot tap. You then have yourself a handful of lukewarm water. Resulting water temperature is easily adjustable by time spent under each tap. Useful for face washing, mouth rinsing.

-  simply moving hands rapidly between taps while washing them at the same time. Hot-cold, hot-cold. An added bonus of using this method is a nice sensation when shifting between extreme temperature reminiscent of sauna.

- filling the sink with water from both taps. Useful for shaving. Use carefully, especially in areas with water shortages ;)


I am deeply honoured to be able to help you in your quest.

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Art indeed

I can see it has evolved into a symbiosis of art and science.

Thank you for your guidance, oh master! 

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India as well

That's a good notice.

Are you referring to the fact that India was, how to put it, under a big influence from UK?


I could write two pages about how inconvenient this is, but I don't want to get started. Let the positive emotions prevail. Like the droplet of water caught in a middle of it's short lifespan.


OK, two short ones, I can't resist:

1) Why are the taps so short? What if I want to wash a watermelon, how the heck will I manage to put it under the stream?

2) I wake up in the morning and have a few simple things to do: brush my teeth, wash my face and wash my hands. Preferrably, not being exposed to ice cold or burning hot water.

According to the design above, I ought to fill the sink with water, and use it for the things I want to do.

Now, which one should I start with? Brush my teeth and then wash my face with a water full of toothpaste? Or wash my hands and then brush my teeth with the same water?




that's pretty interesting. Think one would find this kinda stuff in India too, but dunno. Design remembered me of our "great" soviet past.