Christian unexpectancies

Palm Sunday on motorbikes in Saigon

Palm Sunday on motorbikes in Saigon


Some of Vietnamese living in Saigon are Christians. A few not very usual things though - you can yousually see people on motorbikes in the street looking at mass held in a church (in this case the Notre Damme of Saigon).


The second one - bamboos instead of "palms" held in their hands during Palm Sunday.


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Bike theft

Motorbike theft, crashes, and in general motorbikes are quite serious problems in Saigon. I'll write more on that later, since it deserves a separate post.

Regarding marketing activities, all of Vietnam is a big marketing activity. Most of it is quite primitive advertisments on the streets like "Lundry", "Restorant" or "Internet-PC-Foto-Copypictures service". The first storey of the street is usually only various shops and stalls, so imagine the amount of advertisements. Similar to what you experience driving through Poland, but magnified ten times (no offence, just true facts :)

Naturally, the big city streets have all those flashy glowing "Canon" "Toshiba" etc. lightboxes.

Probably the most intensive marketing activity is direct sales from all the street merchants selling cigarettes, motorbike rides, magazines, copied Lonely Planet books and all other things. 


you should have seen how car crowded streets were beside church in Jeruzalė, we definitely have improving economy. I can think of one reason why Vietnamese do this way. Imagine them leaving hundreds of unmarked (do they have plates?) bicycles aside church. Many chances you wouldn't find yours couple hours later :)


wonder about their marketing activities, do they have any? :) like street billboards that are not propaganda related.