Mantis guesthouse

Praying mantis in the guesthouse

Praying mantis in the guesthouse


Praying mantis is somewhat of a symbol of nature, wildlife and freedom to me. From many years ago I was seeing pictures of it in magazines like "National Geographic" and adoring the crystal sharp close up shots of this exotic creature.

Today it was my first acquaintance, and even if it is far from those shots I've been seeing before, I take it as a good start. The amount of light was diminishing, and the built in flash of my Nikon was reflecting off the shiny floor and bleaching everything. It ended up with me getting down on my belly and finding myself in a position similar to that of my subject's.
No flash means long exposure in the low light conditions, say the photography books. I don't know if the neighbour next door has read any. He was just looking with astonishment at my lying position on the floor.


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