Angkor Wat: one of the three

Reflection of Angkor Wat in a pond nearby

Reflection of Angkor Wat in a pond nearby


At last, no need for words: Angkor Wat.


For those that really really don't know - its probably the biggest religious building (complex) in the world. Only Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu can compete.


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Hi All, especially Jurga and Marius :) This is the place I really really want to go and how lucky you are to be there.  It made an incredible impression for me just in a traveler’s pictures so it must be undoubtfully much more amazing in reality.  If you have some time I would appreciate to hear your ripple on it. 


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Great place indeed

Hi, Ragas, Aiste,

thanks for your comments and wishes.

Angkor is really a great place, and it gets better after the first day. Today was the 3-rd day of our visits, which is also the last. Look out for more impressions about it on the front page 

some greatings from ragas

sorry,for off topic just wanna say hi to my lil sis, congratuliation and so on. have no time for it

talk to you later

keep it real

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Raguti, thanks a lot. I am

Raguti, thanks a lot. I am trying to keep it real. And all this journey it's just very serious :)