Traditional, or untalented?



Sunday. Time for some time in front of TV. These moments are very rare during the last few years for me. Not because I can't spare a minute, its just that its much more and useful things to do with a laptop and/or internet.

Anyway, television is part of culture, and since we are in different culture each month during our travels, it can be interesting to gaze for a few minutes.


It's only minutes in Cambodia, because the quality of the programs is, at best, at the start up level. It's either talking heads, or karaoke concerts with effects in style of 80-ies videoclips.

But, one can't ask much, knowing the situation of the country. Furthermore, I was even able to find some advanced features like karaoke with Khmer writings and latin alphabet transcriptions at the same time, probably ment for foreigners.

We don't have such a "service" in the country I come from, which is in EU.

Some of the pieces are plain funny, just like the one above. It is some kind of a song, performed by man and a woman. When the woman sings, it feels alright, even meditative. But as soon as she does a break, the man starts to do some strange movements with his hands. He's not singing, and overall he looks like he wants to get off the scene as soon as possible.

Does not seem like he is a good performer at all. In fact, he seems like not knowing what to do. Got to perform because of sponsors or relatives in television?

If the piece is deeply traditional, carries a ceremonial or any other meaning, I apologize in advance. Just my opinion.


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Here I am again, back from my little car trip of 6k km.  :)

You said: "We don't have such a "service" in the country I come from, which is in EU. "

That's different now. Last weekend LNK showed finals of their singing reality show and all songs came with subtitles, seems like new trend.

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Catching up

In that case seems like we are rapidly catching up with Cambodia...

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:)))) He's got da movez.... :))))

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This was one of the

This was one of the strangest TV programs I’ve ever seen. It took one hour. There were these two participants singing kind of talking-competing songs. Our eyes were fixed on the hands of the men.  Watch for your self.