Asian Madonna

Pregnant woman working as a vendor in the night market of Luang Prabang, Laos

Pregnant woman working as a vendor in the night market of Luang Prabang, Laos


Madonna of Asia. We saw her in Luang Prabang, central Laos. A real beauty shines, even if in life it is only represented by a humble vendor of souvenirs on the street.



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I enjoy

I enjoy anthropormorphasizing cosmic events as science has currently uncovered.  One of the events that I've created in my PhotoImpact 11 used this photograph.  (I don't sell my art, so don't worry about that.)  I used this woman as a representation of the body of stars that, when they died, became the raw elements that make up our corner of the galaxy.  A scientific cosmologist, Brian Swimme, and co author, Thomas Berry, dubbed this cosmic body (at the time thought only to be one star) Tiamat after the goddess whose mythic body was torn to peices in battle and used to create earth.  The name of the book is _The Universe Story_. I wanted to share this bit of art with you because your photo was incorporated. 

The symbolism included in this image, which is called "Tiamat of the Many Hear(t)hs" is as follows:

In her belly grows all the new solar systems to come.

In her heart grows all the worlds that will harbor life.

The nebula behind her is representative of both the suns she was and the new, more complex suns she's become.

This woman's face and stance and the way you used light, I couldn't help but use it.  I will find a way to credit you when I name it online again.  Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer!


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Dear rosewelsh,


I'm glad and happy that one of the photographs made during a trip was an inspiration to you.

The woman seemed to be magical indeed, with a far away look in her eyes. I just hope everything goes well for her, as working during night in a bazaar is very hard, I imagine.