Pray or shoot, we still smile cute

Soldiers and girls, agriculture and dams. Poster in Luang Nam Tha, Laos

Soldiers and girls, agriculture and dams. Poster in Luang Nam Tha, Laos


Visuals are powerful.

I do not understand the Lao script, therefore I try to decode the picture:


"We are soldiers of Laos. We protect our religion and temples, we build dams. In the spare time we take care of the crops and ..."

How do you decode it?


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More details

I agree with Ragas. We are waiting for  details too long !

 See you,



 i would decode it:

This is my rifle this is my gun, this is for fighting and this is for fun!

Hey folks, 

i see youre havin briliant time in  Laos,

i have to admit that your skills of takin a pics has  improved! Im really glad that youre enjoying the trip. BTW you never wrote about the problems youre havin over there? is there any problems or did you allready got robed or whatever - maybe tricked? Did you bought any fake id or such things... im really curious about the details of this trip, ok how about backpacks? did you reduce them to daysacks? is it hot? how is your stomacks? are you already pissed off of each other? :) cmon give us some common life details... (sorry for my poor englich)


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Details and personal things

Ragas, Jan,

believe me, we have so much things to write and experiences to share, that it would be enough for several blogs like this. And we'd like to do it. There's just one thing that makes it impossible - time.

It is difficult enough to maintain the site as it is, content and administration wise. Imagine, you arrive to a small town just after a bus ride of six hours through mountainous and rough terrain. Find yourself a hotel or a guest house after half an hour more. It's already dark, and stomach is screaming for food. Barely enough time for a dinner, as tireness starts kicking in. Quick shower and a glance through the Lonely Planet regarding tomorrow's plans.

The next morning is spent for packing, breakfast and a new bus trip. Or a trek. Or some other type of experience.

It's only during non travel days that it's relatively non complicated to concentrate and update the site.

Reasonably thinking, there should be more updates to the site after the trip, rather than during it.

Thank you for compliments regarding photography. We really do try improving.

To answer your questions - we haven't had any problems, apart from very small which are not worth mentioning. There was quite a silly foot infection, which is already gone.

Yes, we do have a few fake id's but I won't tell which :)

The backpacks are still the same size, but lighter in weight.

It is usually very hot.

The stomachs are showing no signs of problems, at least not more than back home.


We'll try to have more day to day life details, though they will not be too personal, as it does not interest the site visitors that are not our friends or family. Personal things are best to share via emails.


Thanks for reading! 


True, so true! I like your

True, so true! I like your explication of the picture... :)