How's the weather up there?

Trek supervisor, near Huay Xai, Laos

Trek supervisor, near Huay Xai, Laos


Spending most of his time in a nature, he was quite relaxed after long uphill trek. Even found time to climb into the tree and look around, overseeing us, sweaty and tired, walking last steps up.


I'm happy not everybody lives in big cities yet, and there are still chances to share quite a different experiences, even using primitive English or body language.


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As of my personal experience. After more couple days of uphill trekking. You would still sweat, but feel less pressure on muscles, though they would be hard as rock :). You should apply simple feet massage to relieve tension. Helps a lot.

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After going up and down the Fansipan mountain, I couldn't properly walk for a week. Still, I'd say I'm relatively fit.

It's just probably different muscle groups that are involved in simple walking, and walking uphill.

Got to try the massage next time. In Thailand it costs around 6 USD per hour.