Photographer's schedule

Temple. Sunrise. Bagan, Myanmar

Temple. Sunrise. Bagan, Myanmar


So you want to make good travel photographs?

Easy. Just follow the schedule below:



04.30 Wake up

05.00 Get outside and find yourself a transport

05.30 Arrive to the spot

05.45 Check equipment and settings, unpack tripod, etc.

06.00 Meet the sunrise and shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot

09.00 Go back home

10.00 Have breakfast and shower

11.00 Have an optional nap

13.00 Copy the morning photographs to the laptop, review them and delete-delete-delete

14.00 Get out there again

15.00 Start shooting

17.00 Sunset is close, go back home.

18.00 Dinner time!

19.30 Relax, time off

21.00 Review the photos of evening session

21.30 Time to sleep


In that way you'll have the best light, saturated colors and nice shadows.

Everything else, including the camera model, is more or less secondary.


I made the photograph above at 05.44.