Small cargoes lift

Improvised lifting device, Yangon, Myanmar

Improvised lifting device, Yangon, Myanmar


It looked just like all the rest multi-apartment buildings, and only after leaving the city and coming back for a second time, we noticed that ropes with hooks, handles and plastic bags on their ends are hanging down from every window and balcony on the streets of Yangon.

Our first guess about the function of these devices was "doorbells", but a quick chat with a passerby revealed a true purpose - lifting small cargo from the street level straight up to your room.
"Laziness is the engine of progress", he said. Agreeing with that, I continued walking down the street with the image of cold beer rising up to my flat.


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Hey all,

 For me it looks like super laziness. I usually think of small weight carrying upstairs as little work out, but I guess they aren't sitting at office all day long.