Drinking guessing game

Glass with unidentified sport symbols, Yangon, Myanmar

Glass with unidentified sport symbols, Yangon, Myanmar


We had it in Laos, and it's time for it again. Ladies and gentlemen, "Decode the image" is back!

I've found this glass in a breakfast area of Yangon's Haven Inn hotel.

Your entries decoding what is portrayed here are mostly welcome. My humble take is as follows.

"35th annual competition of Burmese national game "Drink, Run, and Hit" was held in 1992. The favorite participant nicknamed "BigFist" (below, left) has easily beaten all opponents, even the "Fast Footed Lightning" (below, right). In the final, the reigning champion was not spared of BigFist's mighty right hook and was sent to knockout in the second round (above, lying). The new champion will proudly wear the winner's belt for a year, until the next competition."


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My guess is pretty

My guess is pretty straightforward. It's Athletics championship cup, with images of High jumping, Disc throwing and Running.