Comfort of adaptation and adapting to comfort

Cows lying around on the street of  Pokhara, Nepal

Cows lying around on the street of Pokhara, Nepal


Human mind is very quick to adapt. It is only two weeks that I'm seeing cows and bulls literally living on the streets of Nepal's cities. I am used to it already, and do not wonder as I did during the first few days.

It is positive in this case, but not at all when one gets used to the good things in life.

That's exactly why it is not easy to enjoy "yet another temple" or "one more marvelous waterfall" during an extended trip. Our problem is small though, but can become significant when taken to more important levels, as one can quickly get used to the amount of comfort he has, or to a new fancy car. Then the need for more, drives him to a higher branch of the never ending spiral.

The important thing here is to realize:

  • That you are definitely in a spiral.
  • Your willingness or unwillingness to do something about it.
  • That there are ways to avoid it.

Getting away from a cozy flat to live a few days in a forest hut without electricity and toilet usually helps me to start appreciating the privileges I have in my life. After the first night's sleep.