Late flight, perfect mood

Buddhist lama in a procession visiting Muktinath, Nepal

Buddhist lama in a procession visiting Muktinath, Nepal


We did not prepare much for our trip, we did not set strict schedules nor book hotels in advance. That can sound irresponsible if sitting in the office and planning a week long vacation, but during long travels this is how it works. You just arrive and decide about everything on spot, according to circumstances.

Makes life much easier and prevents from overexerting.

In some cases it is even more beneficial than that. Our flight from Pokhara to Jomsom was moved to next day. Back home we'd be irritated, but here we just used the day for more sightseeing.

Eventually, arriving to Jomsom and Muktinath on the day after, we realized that our arrival coincided with visit of Buddhist lama to Muktinath. In that way, we were given a chance to see the colorful procession, horse races and locals in traditional clothes instead of possibly much more dull settlement.

Just because our flight was late.