Landslides and business meetings

Landslide closing the road near Tatopani, Nepal

Landslide closing the road near Tatopani, Nepal


Seeing the road closed off by a landslide, I started looking at things differently. One thing is to watch a program on a Discovery channel, another - trying to cross the pile of rocks obstructing the way as quickly as possible, in order to not get hit by one more of them falling down on the head from above.

Which is the smallest of possible scenarios, as the whole area of land with a radius of 20 meters can slide a hundred meters down into a raging river below and take you together.
Makes you feel small and unimportant.

For locals, it is the trivial round.

Still, there was one thing that brought smile to my face. Imagine saying:
"I'm sorry to be late by two days to this very important business meeting. The path was destroyed by a mudslide, so I had to take a way over the top of the mountain".