The real wildlife of Sauraha / Chitwan National Park

Complete encyclopedia of wildlife and animals in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Based on personal accounts and research by M and J during 2007 July 29th.

Coming to Chitwan area to study the mighty Rhinoceros, we were not able to find any during the never stopping rain showers. After the initial disappointment and even despair, were realized that there are still many exotic and exciting animal species roaming freely in the jungle of Chitwan and its surroundings. We present them here, classified retrospectively by order of discovery.

At first we met the Tout beast. They are aggressive creatures, mostly attacking on sight, their usual prey are unsuspecting tourist animals with belongings. Tout beasts have a well developed sense of vision. They hunt in a radius of 5-10 km from their hideouts. Touts are community-based and strongly dependable on it.

Touts meeting tourists in bus station of Sauraha, Nepal

Tout beasts attacking the tourist animals' bus


Later followed our inevitable meeting with a Tourist animal.

It is a slow, clueless creature, often having larger than necessary body constitution. Usually met in groups of two, three or four, tourist animals are a mystery to scientists in sense of survival. Possessing no natural resistances and having been hunted by such vicious predators as tout beasts, tourists seem to easily survive most of encounters, at least visually unharmed. Tourist animals are further divided into groups of Pub crawlers, Beach surfers and Jungle trekkers.

Tourists seated on elephants, preparing to go to safari, Sauraha, Nepal

In some cases tourist animals are spotted in symbiosis with other species



Virtual predators are one of the most sought out creatures by scientists worldwide. Nobody has seen or photographed one. Rumor has it that the virtual predator does not exist at all, and its tracks and footprints are created by guiders for purpose of disguise.

Footprint of (maybe real) tiger in Chitwan National Park, Sauraha, Nepal

Footprint of virtual tiger as compared to man's foot



Guiders are weaker cousins of tout beasts, rejected by tout leaders from the pack due to their inability to find food on their own. Lacking physical strenght, guiders compensate by their higher than average intelligence and ability to communicate with tourist animals in their language. Using psychological powers, guiders persuade tourist animals into providing them means of survival. A byproduct of guiders' psychic powers is a virtual predator - a tool to trap tourist animals into belief that guiders are absolutely needed as protection.

Member of united guides association, Sauraha, Nepal

Guider in process of psychic overtake of tourist animal



Cagetiger is a unique animal in the National Park, as it is caged while all the other fauna representatives roam freely through the jungle and its surroundings.

Female tiger, caged in Chitwan National Park, Sauraha, Nepal

Cagetiger in her waiting to be uncaged



Crocotooth usually lives nearby water, scaring off potential attackers by displaying his three maws full of teeth. Only after careful scientific research it was established that crocotooth has only one maw, but cleverly uses the reflection of water to visually multiply the number.

Gharial enjoying himself in waters of crocodile breeding farm, Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Gharial crocotooth in its full glory



Fasdeers are fastest animals living in jungles of Chitwan. They live and wander around in families of two to five, feed on leaves and grass. Populations are huge, due to the fact that no predator can catch them.

Deer running away from being photographed, Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Fasdeer running away from being photographed.



Extinction for Villagelocals is real and grim threat. Overrun by tourist animals, outperformed by tout beasts and guiders, poor creatures find their only refuge in nests built of hay. Alas, this protection proves to be more and more ineffective.

Laundry drying in Kasara, Nepal

Villagelocal spotted in a rare moment outside of its straw house



The most savage of them all is the Leech monster. Small in size, but capable to pierce even the toughest defenses of any other animal that it meets. Attaches itself to the outside of the victim's body and sucks blood out until the victim has none left.


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Nice story, but that leech monster is something i would expect to see. Ah wait ... I never was there. It's sure scary and determined.

Cringel Jurga's picture

Leech monster

and if one is always scared of this monster, he/she should enter the jungle, face the bites of the monster, kill maybe dozen of them with salt (forget your karma this time...) and then leave forest with no fear in the heart. This is what happened to me.