Sea'll wait

Speedboat in the port of Semporna, Malaysia

Speedboat in the port of Semporna, Malaysia


Landing to Tawau in the eastern point of Malaysia's Sabah, and arriving to a town of Semporna, sea was THE thing occupying our minds. Spending landlocked months in Laos, Myanmar and Nepal, we started missing the refreshing sea breeze, badly.

Besides, Pulau Sipadan, the island, is considered one of the world's top five places for diving.

Our high hopes were brought down some, after hearing the news about full bookings. No place to stay on the islands, no diving "quotas" (the National park, ya know) until three days after. That's the reality of the high season.


No time to wait. There's nothing to do in Semporna, as there's no beach in town. So, Great Barrier reef, here we come.

Will just drop by Kota Kinabalu and Singapore.