Cowboys of the future

If you thought being a cowboy is old school, reconsider.

Now the guys are driving jeeps and flying helicopters.

Modern cow herding in Western Australia

Modern cow herding in Western Australia



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Hey guys, are you still alive? Your last post was more than a month ago! I certainly wouldn't think that you can't find internet access point in Australia, so what happened?

Marius's picture

Alive and kicking


we are alive, but barely. Due to a super intensive schedule in Australia. During the last five weeks we've been nearly everywhere, drove more than 8000 kilometers and now try to come back to more relaxed style in Cairns.

As funny as it is, Australia has serious problems with internet access, it was much easier in Asia. I'm not even mentioning the price difference - in more remote places 1 hour of internet costs up to 10 dollars in Asutralia.

Regardless, we'll update on a more regular basis from now on. Given that travel in New Zealand permits it.


Now that's truly "green" approach, ain't it?