Australia - the big brother

I've said mostly positive words about Australia so far. Well, maybe except the level of IT and internet development.
Still, we need to be objective, right? Therefore, a few words of criticism about how Australia treats its own citizens.


Let's start from Europe.

I come from there, so the comparison comes naturally.
Travelling in Europe is easy - if you're a citizen of an EU country, all you need to travel to the rest of the continent, is an ID card. The passport can stay at home.

Look what the authorities say:
“It is best to have your passport or ID card when travelling in the EU because you may be required to prove your identity.”

You may be required, how's that?

What happens in reality, is that you just drive past the border of yet another European country, sometimes even without noticing it. And nobody bothers to check you, except some rare cases.

Nice and easy.


In Australia, on the other hand,

even the citizens of Australia are asked to fill out the departure card!

Australian outgoing passenger's card

Australian outgoing passenger's card

The border control wants to know everything:

  • Intended length of stay overseas
  • Country where you will spend the most time abroad
  • Main reason for overseas travel

I can understand that due to environmental factors, travellers between Northern Territory and Western Australia are required to dump most of food on the border between the states.
But trying to control the citizen, who has probably elected you, is too much.

There's a lot of Euroscepticism inside Europe, but comparisons like the one above, make me realize that there are positive aspects as well. What concerns Australia - well, I suggest to review the priorities.