Relaxed like a dog on the beach

One more child mauled by a bullterier or a rottweiler. Face torn to pieces, arm bitten off.
With an approximate frequency of one time per month, I was reading such news while being in Lithuania.


Brown dog relaxedly observing its surroundings, Ko Samet, Thailand

Brown dog relaxedly observing its surroundings, Ko Samet, Thailand

Here, in Thailand, I can't help but notice the way local dogs are. Calm, lazy, lying around on the beach and posing a level "minus hundred" threat to the people around.
No muzzles whatsoever.
What are the reasons?
Apart from hotter climate in Thailand (hence, less energy to run around), I believe we are much more aggressive people. And it's being absorbed by our pets.
To be fair, I have to agree that people in Asia are much more cruel to animals than Europeans.
But then, I still can't justify that animals are cruel to us.


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It's about genetics, also

You're right saying that dogs tend to imitate their owners' behaviour. But it does depend on the breed of the dog. When children are attacked by dogs, it is usually by the sort of dogs that you were not likely to see on beaches in Thailand. And you never see angry labrador retriever, even in Eastern Europe