Ratio of sheep to other inhabitants

There are around 4 million inhabitants in New Zealand, and a lot of sheep. Approximately, 40 million.


Sheep auction, Timaru, New Zealand

Sheep auction, Timaru, New Zealand


In an auction, one sells between 35 and 70 NZ dollars.

The sheep, I mean.


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cheep, that is very cheep

cheep, that is very cheep sheep. Would make nice barbecue. And winter coat.

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Coat and barbecue

I have to let you down on this one.

Half a kilo of great looking lamb sirloin costs around 13 NZD in the shop (that's a third of the lamb's price), and a short coat made from very soft lamb skin is around 2000 NZD.

So it's definitely better to be a sheep farmer instead of sheep products user.