Would you say internet makes it easier and cheaper to buy plane tickets? Wrong!

There is no doubt that buying the airplane tickets to depart from the starting point is one very important step to make the trip happen. Maybe even not so much practically, but psychologically.

I mean, if it was 1500 EUR instead of 500 EUR, we would buy them anyway - we can't be stopped by such a small obstacle as expensive tickets, right? (Well, we can't, but if we can pay little bit less, it could be worth the struggle, no?)

So, first of all we are very happy with the fact that at last we have reserved the tickets! Thats the most important thing, and a big relief.

But also I would like to elaborate a little about the process of buying the tickets.

At first we were discussing a few options:

  • Should the flight originate from Vilnius, or any other place in Europe?
  • Are we buying one-way or round-trip tickets?
  • What is the reasonable budget? (In 2004 we paid 580 EUR, Vilnius - Helsinki - Bangkok, round trip)

The discussions kept going on, the tickets were still not reserved, and everybody started to feel anxious.

We needed the solution. What could help us? The internet, naturally!

So we threw ourselves into browsing the internet like crazy, looking through every possible cheap flights site, digging through email newsletters and bombing Google with various queries. On a daily basis.

Guess what. Nothing good.

The cheapest thing we found was around 600 EUR, but that included a cheap flight to Dusseldorf, staying overnight and then flying one way to Bangkok. But we did not feel that was a comfortable and secure option. What if the cheap flight is cancelled? And what if we won't get tickets back from Bangkok in half a year time?

We naturally had an option to buy a one way ticket from Vilnius, via Moscow and to Bangkok, with Siberian airlines, but that 50% chance of the plane falling somehow did not seduce us.

So what did we do? We called the travel agent, and offered her a nice 50 EUR cash-in-her-pocket bonus, if she can find a good trip for us.

Same evening, we already had our dream tickets reserved, costing 985 EUR, round trip Vilnius - Helsinki - Bangkok, flying with Finnair, and most importantly, tickets valid 1 year after departure. 75 EUR to change the return date, if we'd wish.

As they always ask in the cartoons - "what have we learned from this story, children?"

The answer this time is: Don't overestimate the power of internet, and try to rely more on human contact and interaction. And remember that small cash incentives always help.

Please have in mind, that this advice comes from an Internet addict :)


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Sean_O_N@drupal.org's picture

They f*ck you at the drive through

Yeah I ponied up €1000 for the return flight, the rest of the dudes are on the same plane and they got it for €750. I know someone who's heading there on 22nd December and back on the 14th Jan and she got hers for €700 yesterday (beatch). At least I'm a huge fat bastard so I'm getting them back in fuel used.


I suppose, if one were to drive there, the fuel bill would be a lot more than a thousand bucks.

Marius's picture

750 - nice price

€750 is pretty reasonable these days. As I wrote we paid €580 a few years back, and now everybody raised their prices "due to the rising petrol cost", though I still plan one day to count how much does the petrol cost contribute to the expense of each flight to the flight operator.

So if you got yours for €1000, you were probably later than the rest of the guys? Flying from Dublin directly to BKK?

And €700 for a ticket pre-Christmas sounds unrealistic. She was lucky, to say the least.

> At least I'm a huge fat bastard so I'm getting them back in fuel used.

Heh, to make it even worse for them, you could try to gain some more weight before the flight :)

> I suppose, if one were to drive there, the fuel bill would be a lot more than a thousand bucks.

Well, depends how much people are driving

P.S. Sorry, edited letter "u" in your comment title. Not that I'd care, but some more sensitive visitors might :) 

Very nice story

Very nice story dad... :-)

Marius's picture

Not sure



I'm not sure I can be called "dad" but if you feel that it was an advice "from the top", don't feel that way, because some people tried to do that, and some don't, and those who don't - they might be interested in the advice I'm giving.