Guess how much money is needed to travel half a year in Asia / Oceania?

I have estimated that 16000 EUR should be enough for:

Inevitabiliy for everyone willing to travel

6 months of travelling in Asia/ Oceania:

  • 20 EUR / day for accomodation, local travel and food;
  • 10 EUR / day for entertainment and alcohol
  • 5 EUR / day for other expenses
  • 300 EUR / month for returning the loan
  • 350 EUR / month for inter-country travelling

6 months period after the trip:

  • 1850 EUR for returning the loan
  • 1500 EUR for investing in a startup business
  • 1800 EUR - living expenses

Guess what we did?

Everybody took a bank loan, for we did not have enough money in our savings acount.

More info regarding the budget is available at our EditGrid online sheet

Think it's realistic?


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tough call

that's a tough call. For me it's important to save first and travel later. It seems there always comes a time in trips - long trips anyway - where you want to go home. If you knew that you were borrowing against the future to pay for the trip then that would make for a good excuse to give up during that hard point, and who knows what you'd miss out on?

This summer I was on a hard trip in central America. The first week was spiders, nasty hotels and all. If I had been going for more than 2 weeks and were borrowing the funds, I might not have persisted...

Of course, sometimes you just need to get OUT and a loan is the only way...

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I absolutely support your opinion regarding saving and then traveling from the savings.

A certain goal, like our trip, is a very strong motivator to save some of the salary, so it is much easier to save.

But we only decided to travel around half a year ago, so it was simply not enough time to save sufficient amount of money. 

Also, when we're back, close-to-zero-bank-account will be a very good kick to put away the laziness and dive into the process of repaying the debt. We'll have no time for "oh it was so wonderful, and now we have to work again" type of ideas.

How was your luck in trying to save and travel? Achievable?

Nice trip to Central america, btw. Where next? :)



Next is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week in December. And then Argentina for a little longer in July.

For us we are constantly in "save for travel" mode because it's not a question of if we go again, but where we go again!

I definitely see your point about the empty bank account motivating you to get back to work. That does make sense.

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Wowaweewa! (as Borat says)

I respect your constant traveling "mode". Good luck with that, and I wish that your bank account always stays on the positive side :)