Cringel crew

We are responsible, talented and open people in our mid-twenties, tired of the routine and trying to step away from being employed and carefully test if we want to change anything.

Change this!

  1. Jurga
  2. Marius



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Danish Friends

Hey Marius and Jurga...

 I posted a commend in the "contacts" section - don't know how this work, if it's a logbook or what, but anyway - please contact me if you see this, and read my post!


Best Regards, Frederik from Denmark


Btw: We're the 5 danes from The gibbon Experience?

Marius's picture

Yep, read it

Thanks for the message, replied to you, check the email



Raso jums Darius. Gavau neblogas Elzes rekomendacijas is Dainiaus K.

Kadangi pats esu truputi pamises tai jusu gyvenimo stilius mane domina, be to uz menesio metu darba ((-: . Bet mano planai pakolkas Pietu Amerika. Ir visada malonu sutikti zmones kurie nesilaiko bendru normu....

Ir yra sansas atsidurti netoli jusu. Lauksiu atsakymo ir noro bendrauti; ((-: Kitaip sekmes !


konizec sviazi