• We are responsible, talented and open people in our mid-twenties.
  • We are university-graduated, 9+ year work experienced professionals, valuing every second of our lives.
  • We believe that every person should take a break and check if he is moving to the right direction.
  • We definitely are not like hippies in late sixties willing to change our mind and leave to India (we are even not going to India).
  • We do despise consumistic approach of Western society, but we admit we are the part of it.
  • We are looking for refreshing thoughts, not for the inspiration.
  • We are trying to step away from being employed and carefully test if we want to change anything.
  • We want to participate in our lives today, not when we are in late fifties, and so:
    • we want to climb the mountains when we are still able to do that
    • we do not care about five-star comfort
    • we are backpackers as we believe that's the way to be part of the action.
  • We are not settled down, we are not ready to build the house and to plant the tree, but one day we will be.



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pamaciau apie kalnus.... Jeigu norite galima sia vasara varyti i Kirgiztana ir sulipti i Lenina... (-;


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and so how was this your

and so how was this your trip to the montain Lenin, in Kirgistan, I wonder?



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Translation of last post to English:

Good luck,