The route of our trip, on the interactive map

After the long and tiring duel with Google maps and the content management system that this site runs, I gave up.

No interactive maps so far.

Will scan a paper map and draw our route by hand soon.


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I think that you should update your map and the plan of your travel. Maybe place some more detailed maps of country and places where you have been.

It will be really great to see where you are right now, where you have been o plan to be.


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Man, you're reading my mind

I have just downloaded Google earth and will have to write down all the coordinates of places we've been, to be able to update the map.

Then I plan to put a link of the map on the front page.

Regarding the detailed maps - will think about it.

Thanks for suggestions!


Good luck guys! It's just amazing what you are planning! Please, don't forget those who are not so breave (and/or mad) to do this :) Looking forward for updates!


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For sure

Updates is what we promise.

Stay tuned! 

Sėkmės :)

Wow. Found your site through some blog and looked forward to see how it goes. What a suprise was it to find that you are from Lithuania and some even from Klaipeda. Looking forward to see your adventures

Gero kelio ir sėkmės :)

Staska iš Klaipėdos

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Thanks, Staska!


I'm equally surprised that you found the site, even it is English. Come by from time to time, I promise loads of interesting content and photos!

Thanks and regards to fellow Klaipėda folk :)


Wow !!!

You are doing what thousand of people think of doing but don't have the balls to do
i am wishing you the best of luck and i'll be checking up on youe site for daily updates

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I hope we'll show that it is not so difficult as it seems

Hello, anonymous visitor from Canada,

I am glad that you like the idea and think it is worthwile to make it happen.

We will try to reveal as much detail about preparations and practical things & tips as possible, as well as all the experience during the travel itself.

And if you are really determinded to check the site for daily updates, I am twice as happy :)

Furthermore, you could register as a user (no spam guaranteed!), or just subscribe to the RSS feed. Will be much easier to be updated.

Thanks for reading,