Marius asks: should I take my laptop to Asia

36% (4 votes)
36% (4 votes)
Why should I care?
0% (0 votes)
Sure, but insure
27% (3 votes)
Total votes: 11


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Make sure it's ultraportable

If you want to run this website, I think that laptop will be a great help. Downloading photos, editing posts while on the road... you just can't do with internet cafes. Just make sure it's light ultraportable

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Umm, $$$

I wish I had enough cash to afford the ultraportable ones.

They usually cost double than the normal ones. Usually Sony.

And honestly I don't like Sony. Apple Mac is an option, but not cheap as well.

Good opportunity to give

Good opportunity to give yourself a break from this all IT stuff...

F.... the laptop :)

F.... the laptop :)won't need it

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But I'm addicted! :)

Plenty of internet cafés,

Plenty of internet cafés, bring a pen and paper.

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I agree it's a lot of internet cafés out there, but then it'll be a lot of rewriting things and sorting papers, and in the end, without enough discipline, one could end up in carrying as much papers, as a laptop weighs :)

Will wait for some more votes / comments, maybe somebody has tried that before.



Enjoy the life around, do not bind you up!


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Ahh, but then I'll have to sit in dark and humid internet cafes

to be able to update

So I'll take the laptop and sit on the beach instead :)