Simple things bring joy as well

Been talking to Andrius a few days ago. About what do we still have to prepare for our trip.

Then we took a car and drove to a tourist shop to buy a few missing things. Later we test-packed the backpacks to see how big will they be and how much will they weigh. Today all of us were framing some of photographs that we took during the last three months.

All of the above are very simple and easy things. No-brainers. No long meetings or sales presentations needed in advance to get a permission to do what we did. Didn't need to use all the 17 years of education or any of the management skills.

But god damn it, doing small things, with seeing a purpose was great! So very much missed it during the time of employment. There was a purpose during employmet naturally, but it was so... routine-like, or something.

Make at least some part of your life different, change something, re-evaluate the things that are given. It brings so much enjoyment, one could even say you start seeing a purpose in your life.

No preaching.


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I guess You have to do sth about this spam criminals...! Make it that only registered users can post comments!

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Hi, thanks for warning. 

we have been hoping that the spam will not increase so drastically, thats why comments were left open to everybody. That way it is easier for normal visitors just to drop a comment.

But yes, after todays deletion of 300 spam comments, I turned on the "only registered users post comments" option. 

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absolutely fabulous idea! brgds from Spain!

look positive and forward!

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Good luck in Spain, come over to Thailand some time :)

sure ;)

sure ;)




Restepa didziulis uz ambicijas, zmogiukai! Way to go! Su idomumu seksime tolesnius ivykius.

Btw, kodel viskas angliskai? ar tai PLANO dalis?:)

Linkejimai is Briuseliaus!

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Translation of previous comment, and an answer

"Big respect for ambitions, peepz! Way to go! Will track your progress with interest. By the way, why is everything in English, is that a part of THE PLAN?"

"Regards from Brussels"

- Answer: Well, English is because the site is read by not only Lithuanians. Actually, they are the minority of site's visitors. And adding a second language is three times more difficult as just maintaining a site with one language.

Regards to you too!