Taxi prices in Bangkok

Though Thailand is the most organized country in the region (except Singapore of course), sometimes it can be rather hectic to find out the actual price for transport services.  READ MORE »

Computer heaven in Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Pantip Plaza computer heaven, Bangkok, Thailand


So, you've arrived to Bangkok. You know that photography goods and computers should be relatively cheap here, especially bearing in mind the VAT refund scheme.

Asking around in a hotel reception and during the dinner, reveals that the best place to buy a laptop you've been dreaming about, is Pantip Plaza. The hovering image of a laptop in your mind obscures the wry smiles of your newly met friends at the dinner table.  READ MORE »

Surefire way to avoid traffic accidents permanently

If you think careful driving and awareness increase your safety, you are deeply mistaken.

Lucky amulets hanging from the rear view mirror, Bangkok, Thailand


Some simple protective measures (medallions, amulets, statues of deities) are fully sufficient.  READ MORE »

Fake your life in Khao San

While WIPO sleeps, Thais work.

Manufacturers of fake ID cards, Bangkok, Thailand

Manufacturers of fake ID cards, Bangkok, Thailand 

Similarly to many Asian countries, pirated CDs, DVDs, copied global newspapers and even Lonely Planet guide books are abundant in tourist populated areas.  READ MORE »

Skillful hands vs the fruit

I've spent too much time in front of computer and in dusty meeting rooms, buried under piles of papers. Far away from the real world.


Thai street vendor peeling mango fruit, Bangkok, Thailand

So when I eventually get myself outside and have a chance to see someone skilled in what she does, it is such a pleasure to watch and admire the speed and efficiency.  READ MORE »

Easy way to avoid food poisoning in Asia and still enjoy eating on the street

Ahh, Thai food..
A reason good enough to include the country into your travel plans. If you have plans to visit the country, don't forget to check online for affordable accommodation on Expedia hotels.

Having tasted a good variety of meals and dishes, I came to a somewhat strange conclusion.

The food sold on the street, or eaten on the "street", as is the case with beach restaurants, is generally better than the one ordered in a fancy restaurant.

Woman is enjoying Thai food on the street of Bangkok

A lady enjoys her meal bought on the street, Bangkok, Thailand

The latter is often too sterile for me, and I don't know if that's a psychological effect, or our genes send signals with a message - food tastes better in the fresh air.  READ MORE »

Is this for the purpose of creating art or self-defense?

Visitor is examining a huge lens. Bangkok Photo Fair 2007 @ Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand

"Jeez, this probably won't fit into my new camera bag!"

Bangkok Photo Fair 2007 @ Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand


Photo fairs are great.

It's so easy to  READ MORE »

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