Public bus system in Vietnam - slow, packed, hot, tiring, funny

The first video, yay! Click on the "Play" button in the middle, watch it, and then read a few words about the public bus system in Vietnam.  READ MORE »

Train in Vietnam? Fun guaranteed!

That was a messy experience in a Hanoi - Lao Cai night train, far exceeding the feeling in Hanoi train station.  READ MORE »

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi - Ban-Phe - Ko Samet. First days of the trip

Meet me at my new office (yes, that's where I write this post)

Marius works in a new office now

Marius works in a new office now

So. We landed in a brand new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, which is still under construction in some parts. Everybody passed the immigration without problems except Andrius, who wrote a wrong flight number in a form that we filled-in during a trip. But it took just a few minutes of explanations, and we were outside, waiting for our luggage.  READ MORE »

Helsinki - Bangkok. Full plane, 2 hours of sleep

Hello, Vanta airport.

Half an hour to go. A lot of Finns and Swedes waiting to get on the Bangkok plane. Some people already wearing flip-flops.

Bye-bye, Vanta airport.  READ MORE »

Vilnius - Helsinki. Hopes of free overnight in a hotel: ruined

Nothing significant has happened during the last days of preparation for our trip.
Some last minute packing and a mad rush to make it in time for the flight, even though we had a whole half a year to prepare.
But that's not news, and probably it happens to just about everybody, maybe except the most experienced travelers, who just grab a few things and go.
We also had an idea to travel light. But I don't think we succeeded, since the big backpacks were filled already before travel. Bye-bye souvenirs on the road..
If you really need to know, the backpack sizes are: Andrius - 70 liters, Elze - 60 liters, Jurga - 55 liters, Marius - 60 liters.

Too heavy!

Too heavy!  READ MORE »

Would you say internet makes it easier and cheaper to buy plane tickets? Wrong!

There is no doubt that buying the airplane tickets to depart from the starting point is one very important step to make the trip happen. Maybe even not so much practically, but psychologically.

I mean, if it was 1500 EUR instead of 500 EUR, we would buy them anyway - we can't be stopped by such a small obstacle as expensive tickets, right? (Well, we can't, but if we can pay little bit less, it could be worth the struggle, no?)

So, first of all we are very happy with the fact that at last we have reserved the tickets! Thats the most important thing, and a big relief.


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