Preparing for the trip

14 hours until take off...

Our countdown says "0 days, 14 hours until Take-off to Bangkok."

It is hard to believe it. We cautiously started thinking about a possibility to travel somewhere for a longer period, and that was a year ago.  READ MORE »

Do travellers need logotypes?

On the eleventh day four travellers said: "let there be logo".
And so they sat down and put down 11 sketches. The eleventh sketch was kinda crappy so it got removed. Now they have 10 wannabe logotypes, each of them very ambitious, different from the rest and willing to be the one.  READ MORE »

4 things that I'm happy about

  • Today I called the travel agency saying that I want to pay for the reserved tickets. They said "but you have cancelled it" (which we didn't). After 4 hours of hesitations, discussions and negotiations I have them in my pocket, purchased and ready. Not planning to let go of them anymore, no sir!  READ MORE »

The one thing that everybody does during their travels is...

Nope, you guessed it incorrectly :)

Photography is the right answer.

Apart from being materialistic and talking about things, boots, clothing and tools, we also tried to look at this trip from further perspective - what will we think of it in 10, 20, 30 years, what will we remember and what stories will we be able to tell.

One very right saying goes "see it once instead of listen about it for ages". Fully agreeing with it, we realized that we will for sure want to take a lot of pictures as a prime tool of showing the places we've been to, illustrating the stories and remembering the people we met.

Unfortunately, our photography skills were, at best... awful :)

Hence we decided to invest some of our precious pre-trip time and money to photography courses.  READ MORE »

A list of essential things to have during travel

.."should be divided by a factor of two!", suggests a fantastic resource, found by  READ MORE »

Marius asks: should I take my laptop to Asia

36% (4 votes)
36% (4 votes)
Why should I care?
0% (0 votes)
Sure, but insure
27% (3 votes)
Total votes: 11

Going to travel and leaving hiking boots at home

You know boots, right?

The hiking boots. La Sportiva, or Zamberlan, or similar.

Hiking boots are rough and tough  READ MORE »

Quit the job, lose the stable income, go travel. Is that a good idea?

71% (5 votes)
14% (1 vote)
I don't care
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7

Would you say internet makes it easier and cheaper to buy plane tickets? Wrong!

There is no doubt that buying the airplane tickets to depart from the starting point is one very important step to make the trip happen. Maybe even not so much practically, but psychologically.

I mean, if it was 1500 EUR instead of 500 EUR, we would buy them anyway - we can't be stopped by such a small obstacle as expensive tickets, right? (Well, we can't, but if we can pay little bit less, it could be worth the struggle, no?)

So, first of all we are very happy with the fact that at last we have reserved the tickets! Thats the most important thing, and a big relief.


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