Photography by cringel

As the famous saying goes, it's better to see something once than to hear about it for a hundred times.


We also think photography is interesting and rewarding.

And we want to show you what we see during our trip.  READ MORE »

The new look of is

Ohmygod, It's beatiful!
61% (20 votes)
Ugly as ever.
21% (7 votes)
As if I care...
18% (6 votes)
Total votes: 33

Site design change - refreshing for your eyes or pain to get used to?

As you can most obviously see, has changed it's look.

Part 1 of the changes  READ MORE »

A day in Asia

During today's trekking in Vietnam's forest on Cat Ba island, I have thought that it is too rarely that is updated.  READ MORE »

Site usage suggestions from under the palm

With a smile on my face (Thailand = land of smiles), I have to admit that is developing.  READ MORE »

About - general notices


some general notices about the site, both from users and contributors:


English language versus other languages

Please, please, please - use only English language on  READ MORE »

Is it difficult to update your blog while sitting on the seashore?

It is impossible, I can tell you.

Astonished and ashamed I am looking at the date of our last update, which was January 28th, or 9 days ago.

If that was my job, and I should explain my boss what happened and what are the reasons for not updating the site, I would probably not have any explanations.  READ MORE »

Which is more interesting for you on this site

26% (9 votes)
74% (26 votes)
Total votes: 35

Best cringel logotype (read the newest article before doing it) is

14% (9 votes)
tom & jerry
2% (1 vote)
malaysia, truly asia
22% (14 votes)
greek ouzo
0% (0 votes)
in tokyo
8% (5 votes)
smelly junkie
14% (9 votes)
beauty care
3% (2 votes)
mad professor
31% (20 votes)
neunundneunzig luft ballone
3% (2 votes)
quartz watches
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 64

Site.. development.. progress.. upgrades.. yada yada b o r i n g!

To all geek brethren out there (and probably around zero interest to anybody else), this post is about more technical details of the site and the development of it.


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